Mama June’s Daughter Breaks Down In Interview – Watch

Photo by MediaPunch / Rex Features

Photo by MediaPunch / Rex Features

Anna Cardwell, the 20-year old sister of Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson has been completely shocked by the news her mother, Mama June, is in a relationship with the man who molested Anna when she was only eight years old.

After pictures surfaced of June and convicted sex offender Mark McDaniel together after he spent 10 years in prison for child molestation, TLC cancelled the TV show.

At first Anna Cardwell who is married and has a daughter of her own now, didn’t want to believe that her mother would do that to her but as more evidence has surfaced of the two being together yet again, Anna is speaking out and breaking down over her mother’s decisions.

One of the most worrying parts is the fact June is allowing McDaniel around her other daughters including 9-year old Alana “Honey Boo Boo”, “She let him get around Alana and Lauryn (Pumpkin) knowing that she is going to get the kids taken away, why? Why let him?” Anna said in her tearful interview with Entertainment Tonight.

As well as saying she feels, “betrayed” and “hurt” by her mother, she also offered advice to Alana who is around the same age Anna was when he molested her, “Don’t get too close, don’t get too attached, don’t be all lovey-dovey on him because you never know what will happen,” Cardwell stated.

In police documents Anna stated that the incident between her and McDaniel happened in her mother’s own bedroom while June was at work and then 3-year old Lauryn was in the room at the time as well.

Check out clips of Anna Cardwell’s interview with ET below.

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