Man Claims to Be Michael Jackson’s Son and Has DNA Proof

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There’s a man who is claiming that he is Michael Jackson’s son, and that he has the DNA evidence to prove it. This is just too fascinating to ignore, especially considering the discovery is posthumous. Of course, the family will think the claim is related to scoring some cash, but I believe it to be far more fascinating to think Michael Jackson might have actually procreated before he went completely odd.

Could Michael Jackson have a few illegitimate children running around? I’d guess there are more than this guy out there. But that’s mere speculation. And it’s also a huge presumption to believe that this guy is telling the truth. But he does look like MJ, and he says he’s got the DNA to prove it. So, who is this guy, and where is this alleged evidence coming from?

The fella’s name is Brandon Howard, and he’s the son of Miki Howard, a musical artist who was represented by Joe Jackson in the 1980s. And if Miki knew Joe in the 1980s, we can rest assured that she also knew Michael.

According to Brandon, Michael and Miki had a fling, and he was born shortly after the couple met in 1982. With his claim, the Jackson family estate lawyers have countered, stating that they’ve never heard of him, and that Brandon should have come forward much earlier.

Well, here’s my question: What if he didn’t know, but always suspected? In 2014, when you have questions like that, you go to the DNA evidence, but how would one score that from an individual who died some four years ago. Here’s where it gets really interesting, and to hear how Brandon plans to move forward with proving his claim, check out the video below!


James Sheldon