Margot Robbie Responds to Hugh Hefner’s Invitation!

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Hugh Hefner wants Margot Robbie for Playboy. Specifically, he wants Margot to pose in the Playboy Magazine. Hugh remarked that Playboy is always interested in the “it” girl, and that’s changing from moment to moment. He loved Margot Robbie’s performance in The Wolf of Wall Street, and believes she would be an asset to his publication.

Of course Margot would be an asset to Playboy. Honestly, when was the last time an A-List “it girl” donned the pages of the classiest smut option out there? Survey says: Huh. We can’t remember.

Sure, many celebrities have graced the cover of the men’s magazine, and many have been featured as the Playmate of the month, getting that stellar centerfold. But scoring a real “it” girl of the moment? That’s a genuine rarity. To get right down to it: Does Hugh Hefner stand a chance at scoring Margot Robbie for the pages of his magazine? Not according to Margot.

The Aussie bombshell stated to a neighboring New Zealand radio station that she has put her family through enough–her nude scenes in Wolf… will have to suffice. To be nice, and not insult Hugh, she went on to suggest that if her career weren’t on an uptick, and she was older and struggling to find work, she might be interested in stripping down for the magazine. So, there you have it. Margot is not going to get nakey for Hef. But it seems she does have a price for future reference. Good to know a bad career year, and she feels like she would put her family through a little more.

If you want all the details, and to stargaze at Margot, check out the video below!



James Sheldon