Mariah Carey’s Lyrics Oops (WATCH)!

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Mariah Carey recently flubbed the words to one of her most famous songs, and she’s cool with it.

It happens to the best. Especially when you take one of the best, and make them perform live vocals between the hours of 6AM and 9AM.

Do you watch The Today Show? Doesn’t it always seem like a recipe for disaster? Kind of like watching a train wreck? It’s terrifying, but you can’t turn away? Then, add Kathie Lee and Hoda to the mix, and it’s like an air disaster happening above the train wreck. Still, the show gets from its beginning to its end everyday, and most of the time, the anchors are back the following week.

Mariah’s recent appearance on the show was just another reminder that it is one of the few remaining live television shows allowing the mistakes to be broadcast. And it’s nice to have someone like Mariah onstage when things have the potential to get awkward.

The seasoned pro was singing her hit, “Always Be My Baby,” when she twisted a couple words from one verse to another. It happens. It happens a lot. 90 percent of the people watching wouldn’t notice, or if they did, they’d have to offer the benefit of the doubt: She’s taking artistic license. It is, after all, her song. She can change it whenever she wants. Instead, Mariah opted for the self-effacing, endearing route and improvised some new lyrics based on her lyrics flub. The result is a reminder of why everyone fell in love with Mariah in the early 1990s.

To see the “oops,” and watch her expert cover, check out the video below!

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