Megan Fox Reveals Her Favorite On Screen Kiss

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Megan Fox is back in full force, and in wonderful form. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles actress is ready for  a big number at the box office this weekend, but she’s also answering a lot of questions while on red carpets, and at junkets.

One of the questions asked: Who was your favorite onscreen kiss? You can probably guess this answer, but then you would immediately second guess yourself. Megan always plays roles where the script is suggesting a lip-lock with another character. So, there are several to choose from. That said, let’s digress for a moment and consider a few other questions we’d like to ask Megan.

Here’s the question I would ask Megan if given the opportunity. And I’d have to be careful with the wording, so as to not make it offensive. “Megan. When you possess that natural beauty that you do, are collagen injections in your lips something that you consider preferential, or is someone telling you it should be done?”

Seriously. It makes no sense why people do that to their lips. It does not look good. It makes them all look the same. Ladies (and the rare gents) who are pumping up their lips. People make fun of you behind your back. Yes. Self love and appreciation is a good thing, but honest truth: these lip injections aren’t good things.

Enough digression for one Megan Fox post. Let’s get back to the kissing.

Who’s the lucky fella? Or… lady? Remember she and Amanda Seyfried in Jennifer’s Body?

Watch the video below, and find out!


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