Melissa Rivers’ Inheritance Is Huge

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The daughter of the late Joan Rivers has inherited most of her mother’s estate and fortune according to reports.

Not long ago a statement was made confirming that famous host and comedienne Joan Rivers’ death was from complications during surgery.

Apparently Melissa is set to inherit $75 million of money as well as her mother’s $35 million condo in New York’s Upper East Side, an inheritance totalling over $100 million.

Melissa as well as her 13-year old son Cooper were both left significant amount of money from Joan Rivers.

After her mother’s death, Melissa was planning on launching a lawsuit against the doctor who performed an “unauthorized biopsy” which resulted in complications and ultimately Joan’s death.

After the New York City Medical Examiner’s Officer released the official cause of death, Melissa simply tweeted, “We continue to be saddened by our tragic loss.”

Regardless of having an official cause of death and a large inheritance, there still has not been much closure for Melissa in the loss of her mother.

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