Michelle Money Shares Another Update On 15-Year-Old Daughter, Brielle, Following Her Surgery

Bachelor Nation alumna Michelle Money shared an update on her 15-year-old daughter, Brielle, and her condition following a tragic skateboarding accident that landed the teenager in intensive care.

In an Instagram video, which was posted to her boyfriend Mike Weir’s account on Tuesday, March 31, Money shared that her daughter was in “stable condition” a day after undergoing surgery for the harrowing accident.

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“Thank you guys so much, we feel so overwhelmed and supported and loved,” she said in the clip. “We know all of the prayers you guys have sent out are being heard and felt and received because Brielle is in stable condition.”

“She’s doing good,” Money continued, adding that she was able to get some rest after Brielle’s surgery. “It’s been really rough not being able to be there, but I got 12 hours of sleep last night.”

She ended the video by thanking her fans for their support, sharing that she’ll back in the hospital to see Brielle later that night.

On Monday, March 30, Money revealed that Brielle was in a skateboarding accident, landing her in the ICU on life support. According to the Bachelor alumna, her daughter suffered “serious brain trauma and a fractured skull,” and was placed in a “medically induced coma to relieve pressure in her brain.” Money also shared a photo of her daughter in a hospital bed, and called the accident the “worst experience” of her life and asked for thoughts and prayers.

“I believe in the power of communication with whatever God you believe in,” she wrote on Instagram at the time. “The energy of your conscious focus to send healing to my daughter is real. In whatever form you commune with your Higher Power, please as a desperate mother, I am begging you to do so.”

Money added, “She needs support and healing right now. And if you could send one up for me as well, I would appreciate it. This is the worst experience of my life.”

In another video shared later that day, Money said that due to precautions related to health and safety, only one parent was allowed to be with Brielle at a time as she underwent surgery – making the situation even more “heart-wrenching.”

“First off, I’m alone, because we can only have one parent here at a time because of the virus,” she told fans, adding in the caption of the Instagram post that Brielle’s dad, ex Ryan Money, “has been sitting in his car in the parking lot not knowing what else to do.”

“It’s really hard to be alone during something like this, but your prayers and your messages mean so much to us. So thank you,” she said, revealing that Brielle had just gone into surgery. “No mother should ever have to go through this, and I just have so much more compassion for those of you who have had to go through something like this.”

After Brielle’s surgery, Money told her followers that her “surgery went great” and her vitals “are in a really good place” by sharing a video of her daughter taken just hours before the accident.

“This was two hours before the accident,” she captioned the post, sharing two videos of the pair in a car together, then laughing about Brielle’s parking job. “We decided to put makeup on and go to the gas station and grab a drink. I told her I would let her drive my car in the parking lot as she is working on driving soon. She told me she was awesome at parking! 😂 Lol! (She lied).”

Money added, “We have so much fun together! She is my favorite human! I can’t wait to hear her laugh again!”

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