Michelle Obama Admits Teenage Mistakes

jdwfoto / Shutterstock.com

First Lady, Michelle Obama, is an impressive woman. Like so many of her predecessors, she’s remained graceful, regardless of the trash-talk, false speech and due criticism that is incessantly generated about her husband. She recently sat down with Terrence Jenkins of E! News, and offered a few thoughts about growing up, and her “Reach Higher” initiative.

It doesn’t matter where you stand politically, you can’t discount the goal of Mrs. Obama’s “Reach Higher.” This initiative is about excellence in all things. It’s not just about school, it’s not just about health, it’s not just about finding work and learning responsibility. It is essentially about exploration, and taking the initiative to learn things for yourself.

There are very few Americans who would claim that they learned a lot about financial responsibility in school. Michelle Obama can attest to that experience, and she believes it’s high time for kids to meander outside of the box, and begin learning those things as soon as they possibly can.

During her interview with Terrence, she also revealed that she had very little understanding of certain things growing up–the things that could have postured her career walk, and led to a more efficient path. Like so many from working class families, she was working as a teenager, but didn’t understand things beyond the basic principle of “making money.”

The First Lady was quite candid in her interview, and has suggested several options for individuals to explore–the advice is excellent for those enjoying their youth, but also anyone looking to climb a career ladder or switch careers altogether.

Check out the video below for the entire segment offered by E! News.


James Sheldon