Mike Colter Cast As Luke Cage In New Marvel Series

Emiley Schweich/Everett Collection

Emiley Schweich/Everett Collection

Marvel has announced yet another actor to its ever growing roster of superheroes brought to life on camera, with Mike Colter being named as Luke Cage.

The series, entitled Marvel’s A.K.A. Jessica Jones, stars Krysten Ritter and will air on Netflix for 13 episodes in early 2015 following Marvel’s Daredevil, with plans that Colter will then headline his own series as Luke Cage.

Jessica Jones is a former superhero who gives up the lifestyle to become a normal private investigator but while working a case she meets Luke Cage, “a man whose past has secrets that will dramatically alter Jessica in ways she could never have imagined.”

Executive Producer and Showrunner Melissa Rosenberg stated, “Mike embodies the strength, edge and depth of Luke Cage. We’re excited to have him bring this iconic Marvel character to life.”

“Fans have longed to see Luke Cage and in Mike we’ve found the perfect actor. Viewers will get to meet Luke Cage in ‘Marvel’s A.K.A. Jessica Jones,’ and experience why he is such an important super hero in the Marvel mythos,” Jeff Loeb, the Executive Producer and Marvel’s Head of Television commented.

Colter is currently a recurring character on The Good Wife as drug boss Lemond Bishop.

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