Miley Cyrus Has Crazy 22nd Birthday

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Pop sensation and Hollywood’s resident wild child, Miley Cyrus, celebrated her 22nd birthday early on Saturday November 22 in Los Angeles.

Along with her new boyfriend, Patrick Schwarzenegger, and many friends, the star was feeling 22 at her “Miley Twisted Mind” themed extravaganza that was organized by nightlife mastermind Jeff Beacher.

In true Miley fashion the club was decked out in neon lights and tons of strange accessories while Miley herself donned a crazy ensemble that included a pink and yellow fur cropped jacket and tons of clips in her short hair.

Instead of a traditional birthday cake, Miley was presented with a cake in the shape of a gigantic pepperoni pizza which she shared a picture of on her Instagram along with the caption “It’s my buuuurfffffdayyyy.”

Of course it wasn’t just the cake that wasn’t traditional, the party also boasted a mechanical bull to ride on, but fun twist!, it was decked out as a penis instead which she also shared pictures of.

“Miley and other guests took turns riding on it. There was also a photo booth where you got on a bed. And there were lots of psychedelic decorations and blacklight,” a source told Us Weekly.

Patrick also reportedly brought a lot of his buddies to the bash, who could not believe that they were part of something like that saying, “they have never seen anything like it.”

The relationship between Cyrus and the young Schwarzenegger has been heating up for a couple months with both saying it is nothing too serious, however after they were spotted making out at a USC game in mid-November it was pretty obvious it was more than just a friendship.

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