Olivia Wilde Opens Up About Jason Sudeikis, Son Otis

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Olivia Wilde knows a little something about love.

When the 30 year-old actress appeared on the red carpet to promote her new Revlon campaign love is on, she also dished about the two loves in her life: her husband Jason Sudeikis and her son Otis, who was born in April.

“The possibility of love really brings out the exciting part of life,” she gushed. “Falling in love with someone who makes you laugh is a wonderful way to live your life, because you really should be laughing. We should all be laughing. He’s just an incredible person and so I feel very inspired by him on a daily basis.”

The premiere took place in the ever-bustling Times Square in New York City. “This is just such a cool moment because they’re launching the new slogan, which is ‘Love is On,’ and it’s such a great message,” Olivia said.

She also gushed about her new little boy. “It’s definitely made me a better person, it makes all of us better people,” she explained. “It focuses you, it fixes your priorities, and it just makes every day, honestly, feel like Christmas.”

Olivia also talked about getting back into shape post-pregnancy and how her breastfeeding portrait for Glamour came about — check out the video to see!


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