Oprah Tears Up While Talking About The Late Maya Angelou

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There is no denying the connection Oprah Winfrey shared with the late Maya Angelou. Maya offered true influence on the media mogul when Oprah was nothing more than a Baltimore roving reporter, and it’s no surprise that Oprah will miss Maya greatly.

When it comes right down to it, Oprah is at peace with her loss. Maya Angelou was a confidant, friend and honorary family member in the life of Oprah. Instead of sorrow, Oprah is full of gratitude, and nothing but wonderful memories when recalling her late friend. Anyone who has experienced loss understands this as ideal.

ET’s Nancy O’Dell had a stand and chat with Oprah on the set of Selma, a new civil rights drama which she is producing, and also acting in. She asked Oprah to share a few of her memories about Maya, and also briefly touched on Maya’s influence on this particular film, as Maya walked and fought the civil rights battles with Martin Luther King, Jr.

It’s obvious during the interview that Oprah’s emotions bubble just below the surface. She even humorously asks “Nance” not to look at her, rather the floor, otherwise she’ll begin to cry. Oprah possessed such a respect and admiration for Maya that it seems she struggles to choose a story from the experiences they shared together. Oprah spoke briefly of her phone conversation with Maya, shortly before Maya passed, and also divulged that she will be speaking at Maya’s funeral.

To see the full exchange between Nancy and Oprah, check out the video below.

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