Paul Walker’s Daughter, Co-Stars Remember Him One Year Later

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It has been one year since the tragic death of the beloved Paul Walker, and over the weekend dedicated to giving thanks here in the USofA, Paul’s friends offered their love and thanks via social media.

For those who have lost their closest loved ones, it is easy to understand that the grieving process never truly has a finish line. Such is the case for individuals who were close to Paul Walker, from his friends in the entertainment industry to his parents to his surviving daughter, Meadow.

One celebrity who has been incredibly affected by the loss of Paul is Fast & Furious co-star, Vin Diesel. Vin opened up to share more about Paul’s influence in his life, and how he remembers Paul’s encouragement in fatherhood. Vin was working with Paul the day his daughter, Hania Riley was born. Vin has been incredibly vocal over the past year in grieving for the lost of his dear friend.

Other celebrities, such as Michelle Rodriguez and Christopher “Ludacris” Bridges, reached out to memorialize their friend as well. Both shared similar sentiment, and remembered the touching soul they knew as Paul. Like so many others, they couldn’t believe a year had passed already.

For Paul’s daughter, Meadow, a simple share of a baby photo, and the words, “I love you” were offered as a memorial tribute. In the photo, Meadow, dressed in an infant sundress and matching hat, was seen sitting on Paul’s knee, as the two smiled for the camera, and Paul coaxed his daughter to wave for the snapshot.

To see some of the Tweets and Instagram posts offered by Paul’s friends, check out the video below.

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