Prince Harry Wrote A Touching Letter To Princess Diana’s Key Landmine Charity

Prince Harry is continuing to shine a light on his mother’s work by continuing her mission.

He recently penned a letter to the staff at The HALO Trust expressing his admiration for their dedication and hard work during the ongoing global health concerns.

“In these trying times, hope comes from the light of our common humanity,” Prince Harry shared. “Nowhere is that light burning brighter than at The HALO Trust,”

HALO’s core mission is to clear landmines in countries such as Afghanistan, Somalia, and Libya, which is a dangerous task that often risks their lives. Alongside this selfless mission, they’ve recently put some new initiatives into place to provide education, ambulances, hygiene kits, and PPE to local medical professionals.

“As countries closed their borders, lockdowns came into force and international travel became harder, many might have chosen to suspend operations. Instead, HALO kept open,” wrote Harry.

“HALO might just have stuck to its core role, but I would also like to salute you for pivoting so quickly to meet the challenges unexpectedly presented by the pandemic,” he continued.

“The fact that you can operate across conflict-affected countries like Afghanistan is also a precious resource in the face of a disease that recognises no frontlines.”

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Olivia Di Pede

Olivia Di Pede

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