Rachel McAdams Scores True Detective Lead

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Rachel McAdams will star alongside Vince Vaughn, Colin Farrell and Taylor Kitsch in the greatly anticipated second season of HBO’s True Detective.

Well, I’ll be a dirty bird. If you’d made a bet that Rachel McAdams would be in the mix of True Detective a few months ago, you could have hit big in Vegas. There were more actresses rumored for this role than may have actually existed. Surely, some of those names were made up, right? Regardless, the new season has its leading lady, and what a choice they’ve made.

This is an excellent decision for Rachel and the producers. It’s absolutely what Rachel needs to be doing right now, after taking paydays in so many awful, romantic dramas. Sure, they draw that niche audience, but they fail to offer anything in terms of showing off an acting skill set. Rachel is a fearless actress, but she fell into a pattern of “paint by number” roles.

For the producers, they continue their trend of locking A-listers into the mix, who have chops that are often underappreciated. And nobody is complaining about the camera-friendly nature of Rachel’s face. She’ll be stellar opposite the gents, especially fellow Canadian, Taylor Kitsch.

So. The show, and Rachel’s character. According to the press release, Rachel will play an uncompromising Ventura County Sheriff’s detective, who has a drinking and gambling problem. What kind of gambling problem, we’ll have to wait and see. Hopefully it’s something more interesting than poker or betting on the horses. It’d be awesome if she blew her wad on fantasy football, or something else in the vein of absurdity.

Congrats to Rachel, and let’s go with production! Our eager eyes await.

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