Reality Steve Bachelorette 2021 Finale Spoilers: Are Tayshia And Zac Together and Engaged?


With hometown dates behind us and a finale just around the corner, Tayshia’s journey to find love on The Bachelorette is almost complete! This upcoming week will consist of two finale episodes that will reveal Tayshia’s final two and who ultimately receives her final rose.

If you just can’t wait to find out who Tayshia ends up with, you’re in luck! Reality Steve has shared a few major clues and predictions as to how Tayshia’s season ends and there seems to be quite a bit of drama to look forward to.

Tayshia’s group of men is now narrowed down to her final three: Ivan Hall, Zac Clark, and Brendan Morais. Follow along as we breakdown some major clues and reveal the ultimate spoiler of who is predicted to win Tayshia’s season of The Bachelorette.

Reality Steve Bachelorette Spoilers: Final Two and Winner

Reality Steve previously shared that Ben, Zac, Ivan, and Brendan were Tayshia’s final four, which was proven to be correct. He continued to predict that Ben and Zac were her final two, but later corrected himself that this was not the case after getting a tip that Ben is sent home after hometowns. This tip was correct and Ben was sent home narrowing down her group to Ivan, Zac, and Brendan.

When it comes to the winner of the season, Reality Steve initially shared that it was Zac who receives Tayshia’s final rose but the two do not get officially engaged on the show. Given the new information about Ben leaving after hometowns, he admitted that this prediction may not be the case anymore.

Reality Steve did reveal that he’s been given two separate tips that align with the same storyline that Zac is who wins Tayshia’s season but the two ultimately decide to part ways once filming ends. In a dramatic turn of events, Tayshia reached back out to Brendan and the two are currently together and working on their relationship.

Who do you think wins Tayshia’s season? Is Tayshia with Zac or with Brendan? And is she engaged to either of them?

Tune in to The Bachelorette on ABC tonight at 8 p.m. to find out more!

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