Reality Steve Denies Major Bachelor Theory That Peter Ends Up With His Producer



Bachelor Peter Weber has six future wife prospects to choose from on The Bachelor, and there is still no information on who he chooses at the end. So far, Bachelor fans and viewers only know that “This season is unlike any other,” according to Chris Harrison on Good Morning America last month. “You truly aren’t gonna know how it’s going to end until the very end. It’s possible it’s still not over.”

As a result of no Bachelor finale spoilers, a theory about who Weber ends up with has turned into a conspiracy by one fan. Redditor Krallie thinks that Weber ends up with Bachelor producer Julie LaPlaca and even listed out the reasons as to why they believe it’s plausible.

First, Weber and LaPlaca spent New Year’s Eve together with his family. “Check her tagged pics, there’s a pic from his dad with her and their family at dinner,” the fan wrote.

He also posted a video to Instagram on the same day and tagged the producer in it, but it doesn’t appear that they were trying to keep their “relationship” a secret. Also, Weber was doing a television appearance on New Year’s Eve.

Second, a friend who follows LaPlaca posted a picture of herself with Peter and tagged LaPlaca. “The caption says something about ‘an unexpected ending indeed,'” the fan wrote.

Third, a photo of LaPlaca wearing a Seahawks hat was tagged on January 12. The significant detail about this photo is that Weber is a Seahawks fan.

Fourth, LaPlaca posted a photo of herself in New York, with Weber seen behind her (his back was to the camera). Former Bachelorette star Hannah Brown commented on the producer’s post, writing, “This is really cute Jules. I approve. ❤️😍.”

Fifth, according to the Redditor, LaPlaca shared on Instagram Stories that she’s spent a lot of time with Weber and his family at their home.

Sixth, in the show’s previews, Weber admits he’s “crazy in love” with someone, but Bachelor Nation fans haven’t seen that chemistry with anyone on the show.

Reality Steve also dismissed the speculation on Twitter, writing, “Gonna make this as simple as possible for every1 since it’s all I get asked now: It’s garbage, there is absolutely nothing to this, it makes zero sense & people are desperately grasping at straws bc the ending isn’t out yet. Hope that clears things up.”

Aside from all the “evidence” Krallie found, there’s another photo of the twosome posing for the camera. However, the two were clearly working on something Bachelor-related, given Weber in his pilot uniform and LaPlaca’s producer earpiece.

LaPlaca has also shared candid photos of herself with other Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants on her Instagram – specifically Hannah Brown, Colton Underwood, Blake Horstmann, Bill Dixon, and Jason Tartick. Also, it’s not unusual for producers to become friends, as they do spend a lot of time with each other, so it makes sense why LaPlaca may have photos of herself with past Bachelor stars on her social media channels.

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Despite the theory being denied by Reality Steve, fans will have to continue to speculate on who could be Weber’s winner.

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The Bachelor airs every Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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