Reality Steve Reveals Potential Ending To Peter Weber’s Season

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As The Bachelor finale approaches fast and Peter Weber’s final pick still left unspoiled, there have been plenty of theories being shared online. The one Bachelor finale theory that’s been gaining popularity is the one where Peter ends up with one of the show’s producers.

That said theory began on Reddit after one user found “evidence” that Peter was dating his producer, Julie LaPlaca, after sleuthing through Instagram photos from Peter’s father’s account, LaPlaca’s Instagram, and her friend’s Instagrams. However, despite multiple viewers believing the rumor and ABC’s exec not confirming or denying the rumor, Reality Steve says “the theory is garbage” and “there’s nothing to it.”

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While Reality Steve is adamant that Peter does not end up with his producer, he is getting closer and closer to figuring out what actually happens at the end of the season. Reality Steve prefaces his potential ending to Peter Weber’s season with: “As I said from the very beginning once filming was over, there were two things I specified: this was not a normal ending and there was no engagement in Australia on final rose ceremony day. There are things in this timeline that I just don’t know yet.”

“This is more about the HOW not necessarily the WHO. Because I’ve said numerous times over the last couple months: this is between two people: Madison [Prewett] and Hannah Ann [Sluss],” he added. “Hannah Brown, producers, anyone outside the top 2 – none of those people have anything to do with the finale.”

A majority of Bachelor Nation fans and views believe that the scene where Peter’s mother is bawling her eyes out while saying, “bring her home,” was about Madison as she was either eliminated or left on her own volition and Peter chases her down. Although Reality Steve says “that’s the gist of this season,” it doesn’t tell the whole story because “there are still holes in the timeline in terms of when and how things happen.”

According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, the final three are Victoria Fuller, Hannah Ann, and Madison and they’re in Australia for their overnight dates. Before the overnight dates Madison finally tells Peter she is a virgin and reportedly also tells him that if Peter is physically intimate with anyone, that would be hard on her to accept and possibly gives him some sort of ultimatum. According to ABC exec Robert Mills, she reveals this to Peter during their overnight date.

Reality Steve has confirmed that Peter then does have physical relationships in the overnight dates, but apparently, “Madison doesn’t find this out because Peter tells her, but from Victoria F. and Hannah Ann. There is a girl chat that happens during overnight date week (presumably after all the overnights happen), where they are the ones to tell Madison that sex happened with Peter.”

Now, fans are aware that Peter’s final two are Madison and Hannah Ann. Typically the final two meet The Bachelor‘s family and each gets one last 1-on-1 date, and then moves on to the final rose ceremony. However, this season is a little different than in past seasons.

According to Reality Steve, Madison self-eliminates herself. “I’m not sure exactly at what point this happens. We know it has to happen after the overnight date rose ceremony, because that’s where Victoria F. is eliminated,” he wrote. “But does it happen before she meets Peter’s parents? It seems like it does, but I don’t have confirmation on that.”

One more thing Reality Steve can confirm about the finale is: “Chris Harrison’s speech to Peter on final rose ceremony day, is NOT to tell him Madison just left. That’s a bigger conversation than, ‘I just thought you should know,’ which is what Chris says at the end of that speech. That speech from Chris has nothing to do with Madison.”

Another aspect of Madison’s self-elimination is when she left, did she actually leave the country and go home, or did she leave and take herself off the show, but was still there? Reality Steve believes she doesn’t leave the country and is still in Australia for the final rose ceremony, but he can’t confirm where she’ll appear on the show’s finale episode or not.

As for who is still around for the final rose ceremony, that leaves Hannah Ann, making Peter’s finale rose ceremony an easy one, but that also may not seem like the case.

Knowing now that Madison self-eliminated herself and circling back to Peter’s mother saying, “Don’t let her go… bring her back to us” moment, chances are she’s referring to Madison and not about Hannah Ann. However, some people have speculated that Peter’s mother was saying this post-filming, yet he had a chance to choose Hannah Ann on the finale rose ceremony day, so there’s no chance his mom could be referring to Hannah Ann. Reality Steve can not confirm if Peter’s mother is talking about Madison and is speculating as well.

It is still possible that Peter chooses Hannah Ann because she is still around for the final rose ceremony, but it’s also not confirmed if she’s the winner.

Lastly, Reality Steve also tweeted two images of Madison and what appears to be The Bachelor‘s production crew filming in Town Creek Park in Auburn, Alabama on Tuesday, February 11, with no other details – causing more speculation that Madison could be Peter’s final pick considering the show’s filming ended in mid-November of last year. He later cleared up that the filming also has nothing to do with The Bachelorette, saying, “However, I can tell you what it DOESN’T mean, and that’s anything “Bachelorette” related. The “Bachelorette” announcement isn’t for another month. They don’t film “Bachelorette” intro packages a month in advance. Has nothing to do with that. Plus, I don’t believe there’s any way Madison will be “Bachelorette” even if she isn’t with Peter.”

Reality Steve also brings up the theory that Peter could’ve left Australia single and was dating both Hannah Ann and Madison post-production, or he’s not going to make his final choice until After the Final Rose episode. He also pointed out that Robert Mills said in an interview yesterday that Peter’s season is  “the roller coaster [ride that] hasn’t ended and it won’t end until After the Final Rose.”

The Bachelor airs every Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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