Rehab Addict’s Nicole Curtis Battles For Custody Of 3-Year-Old Son

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HGTV star Nicole Curtis is once again in a battle for the custody of her 3-year-old son Harper after her ex, Shane Maguire, filed new court documents asking for sole custody of the child.

According to reports, the Rehab Addict star has been faced with the documents in which Maguire claims that Curtis is “not a fit” mother and also claims that she has been intentionally sabotaging the relationship between her son and his father.

The documents also stayed that according to Maguire, Curtis “played games” when it game to setting up times and locations for exchanging Harper as per their current joint custody agreement. Maguire added that coparenting has “proven to be a nightmare” and “things have deteriorated between [the parents] to the detriment of Harper.”

It seems that one of the final straw’s for Maguire was when his ex made it nearly impossible for him to see his son on Father’s day. The documents state that Curtis has been “doing all she can to prevent any sort of set schedule that would allow Harper to be with both of his parents without interference,” and on Father’s Day he spent over two-and-a-half hours trying to track down Curtis so he could see Harper.

On July 3 he officially filed his request with the courts to grant him sole custody of the young boy claiming the HGTV and DIY stars is “not a fit and proper person to share legal or physical custody” because “she is either unable or unwilling to facilitate and encourage a close and continuing parent-child relationship between Harper and [Maguire].”

Fans of Curtis are well aware that her legal battle with Harper’s father has been on-going for years and although the pair seemed to have made peace, it soon deteriorated over Easter.

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