Rihanna Gets Lashes Out At Fan Wanting Photo (Watch)

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RiRi was in a bad mood when she landed at JFK recently. The songstress was possibly needing a nap, or maybe a fix, because she wasn’t willing to give fans the time of day.

It’s one thing to look at someone and say, “No thanks, I’m not in the mood for photos today,” or “If you’d please excuse me, and offer me some space, I’d appreciate it.” Celebrities these days–especially those who believe they’re more talented than they actually are–are the sick and sad reason we live in such an age of entitlement. They’re buying and selling the lie.

If there’s one thing that seems to be obvious the more Rihanna and Chris Brown are in the news: these two were truly made for one another. They’re a perfect match. No. That’s not suggesting that their behavior was or is justified in any way, but that the two of them together? At least kept it to themselves. Now, they’ve unleashed their funk on the rest of us.

The skinny: Rihanna arrived to New York’s JFK airport, and a few fans wanted quick photos. She unleashed her fury at one fan with a series of expletives, then had a little tiff with her bodyguard. Oh yeah, you can see it all in the video below.

The fan’s reaction–which was accompanied by what seemed to be a sincere apology–was the best.

Whether it’s a bad day, or just continuous bad juju, some of these celebs need to grow up, realize they are–and were–never more than an executive’s idea at making some serious cash. The celebrity needs understand… if they enjoy the spoils, then they should learn to enjoy and better manage their relationship with fans in public places. Bottom line, the executives stop paying big bucks when the fans do.

Check out the video. Rihanna is so classy.

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