Scott Disick’s Crazy Party Weekend One Month After 3rd Child’s Birth

James Atoa/Everett Collection

James Atoa/Everett Collection

Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian have been together for a pretty long time and on December 14 the couple welcomed their third child and second son, Reign, into the world.

While a longtime partner and three children generally means assuming much more responsibility, it seems that isn’t the case for Scott, as he continues to party the weekends away.

TMZ reported that Disick along with a group of buddies wrecked terror in Aspen during an alcohol fueled weekend of partying.

According to reports the group ordered more than $1400 in booze over the weekend along with claims that one of the guys jumped over the bar and stole a bottle of alcohol for which he was charged $400.

Along with the incidents surrounding alcohol, management at the Hotel Jerome also received complaints about the smell of weed coming from their hotel room which they left in such a bad state that they were charged an additional $500.

While letting loose even when you’re parent is completely reasonable, Disick has a long standing problem with drinking and partying that landed him in rehab in June 2014 which was discussed during the most recent season of Kourtney & Khloe Take The Hamptons. “I’ve gone over this in my head so many times to try to live a cleaner life, and for some reason I just keep going back to the same routine,” Disick stated about his decision to seek treatment.

The show also reveals how it is constantly a problem between Kourtney and Scott, who wishes he would act more like a responsible father, however he only stayed in rehab for a few days before returning back home and clearly is still drinking alarming amounts.

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