Scout Willis Walks Around NYC Without Top For Instagram Protest

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As the week gets closer to Friday, there are just more and more stories that you’ll have to read with your face in your hands. Our apologies. We have no control over people feeling more self-import toward the weekend. Get those hands ready–here are the goods!

Scout Willis, daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, decided she would take a stroll in New York City while topless. This, to offer her protest against… wait… this can’t be right. Oh, yes, it is.

Her protest is against Instagram. Instagram!? She doesn’t like their policy against female nudity. Scout should understand, it’s not just female nudity, rather nudity in general. It’s just that women get to consider extra parts “private,” and those are allowed to be shown on Instagram. But then–dare we say it–that would be an example of inequality.

For the love of all that is good and holy, what is wrong with some of these millennials between 20-25 years old? Protesting the nudity policy of a private entity? A private entity. Really? Didn’t this girl get a degree from Brown University? Well, Scout, please be sure to feed the homeless folks you come across, and be sure to endear their care to your cause. It is… of vast importance.

This is quite possibly the lamest lameness that ever was lame in regards to a protest. To make matters worse, Scout has followed in the footsteps of the pinnacle of millennial enlightenment, Miley Cyrus, and is tagging everything, #freethenipple. It just gets better and better, doesn’t it?

Perhaps Scout will reconsider her stance, when she finds that her plight for women is only supported by a few of the crazies, as well as all boy-men between 18-35. If that doesn’t tell you to cover it up… best wishes in your plight.

To see some SFW photos of Scout’s topless trip through New York City, check out the video below.

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