See Ben Affleck As Batman For The First Time!

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Have you seen it yet? The photo of Ben Affleck as Batman, posing next to the Tumbler 2.0, er, Batmobile? Wait no more. It’s right here waiting.

Ben Affleck as Batman. Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. Eh…

This is treacherous ground upon which we tread. If you’re a fan of superhero flicks, or action flicks in general, you want every film to be a great one. And if it can’t be great…  at least it should be good. Unfortunately, and all too often, these films are colossal disappointments.

After three incredibly successful, genre-changing presentations of Christopher Nolan written-directed Batman movies, it seemed the Caped Crusader could use a break. At least five years.

We, the audience, had offered our loyalty to the Christian Bale franchise, and weren’t hoping for a reboot. In fact, it is easily argued that Warner Bros. should have locked Nolan into four Batman films instead of just three–there was too much attempted in the third film.

As far as superhero movies are concerned, Christopher Nolan changed the way they’ll be made going forward. This started in 2005 with Batman Begins. You saw the residual effect with Jon Favreau’s Iron Man in 2008, trading light for dark–comedy for macabre.

It’s true, many fans didn’t appreciate some of Nolan’s manipulated lore surrounding Bruce Wayne and Batman, but they need to understand: Presenting perfection from the world of the comics will never trump superior filmmaking.

When word was offered that Warner Bros. would move ahead with the Batman Vs. Superman, and that Zack Snyder would captain the ship, it was not comforting news–not to we Batman-loving nerds. After waiting patiently to see the results of Man of Steel–yep–we could have trusted those first instincts. Man of Steel was not very good. Zack Snyder simply cannot offer what Christopher Nolan offers. Nolan is a visionary creative; Snyder is a fanboy who paints by numbers.

Still, we can offer credit where credit is due: This first image of Ben Affleck as Batman looks pretty cool–a nice hint of the new Batmobile in the background… good stuff. You can check it all out in the video below.

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