See Jessica Simpson Without Makeup!

Featureflash / Shutterstock.comOur favorite celebrities often spend hours getting their hair and makeup done — but lately, a celeb trend is to share photos of makeup-free faces!

Jessica Simpson is the newest star to show her fans what she looks like au naturale. The 33 year-old mother of two recently posted an Instagram shot of her “date night,” in which she wore her blond hair down and messy, and nothing on her face.

She captioned the photo: “Aquaphor from the diaper bag…And a filter 😉 Date night!” Take a look at the video to see what Jessica looks like without makeup!

FYI: Aquaphor is a healing ointment made by Eucerin, specifically for dry, cracked or irritated skin. Perhaps she meant that that’s all she was wearing on her face? She does have a bit of a sheen in the photo.

It’s also clear that Jessica is a fan of the duck face – but decided to throw her head back instead of pointing her chin downward.

Jessica has never been afraid to bare all without makeup; back in October, she was spotted out grabbing Mexican food with her family in Calabasas, California, with sky-high black heels, skinny jeans and a blazer – but no cosmetics. She once told a magazine, “I don’t have anything to prove anymore. What other people think of me is not my business.”

Perhaps other celebs are adopting her refreshing philosophy. The video also features another blonde celebrity’s recent makeup-free photo. Can you guess who it is?

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Amanda Young