Seth Rogen To Join Christian Bale In Steve Jobs Biopic

Helga Esteb /

There’s really no good Steve Jobs story without a Steve Wozniak, and Seth Rogen has been tapped to bring Steve Jobs’ collaborator to life on screen.

Seth will join Christian Bale, who will be playing Steve Jobs in the Aaron Sorkin-penned drama, which is alleged to focus on three of the biggest career peaks in, and subsequent valleys in the life of the Apple co-founder.

What does this mean to us, the audience? Basically, the Ashton Kutcher film based on the same subject matter was a colossal disappointment. If you’ll remember in the late 1990s, producers rushed to put together two films based on the life of American distance prodigy, Steve Prefontaine. The first starring Jared Leto, the second starring Billy Crudup. The second attempt was far superior. We should expect the same when eventually comparing the Steve Jobs biopics.

Back to Seth. Can this guy act? Like really act? Or is he just funny?

There are a lot of people who don’t find him funny at all, but who do think he’s adept at telling stories for the camera. In fact, had Rogen not locked down roles in films like 40 Year Old Virgin, early in his career, his career might have ventured down a different path. Sure, he can act.

As it stands, Seth will be working into scenes starring Christian Bale, and perhaps, based on their personalities, there will be some inherent conflict stirring in the mix. This, of course, would only serve to make the film that much better, as the relationship between Steve and Steve eventually died a slow, relatively undramatic death.


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