Shakira Opens School For Needy Children in Cartagena!

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Shakira has consistently proven that she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. The popular musician, hip-shaker and judge on NBC’s The Voice, has upped the ante once again by sponsoring another school in her native Colombia. This school has opened in Cartagena, and will offer education to children in need.

Shakira is easily adored. It’s easy to look at her and categorize her within the current generation of musical celebrities in the their late 20s, but this gal has been around the block, and has seen a lot. The South American beauty may look like she’s in her 20s, but the 37 year old is more akin to those we know as Generation X. Her advocacy for offering better lives to the citizens of her native Colombia has become a prioritized mission along her career path.

This school in Cartagena is the eighth to be founded by Shakira’s charity, Pies Descalzos, which translates to Bare Feet. Shakira offered the following during the ribbon cutting ceremony:

“I want to demonstrate through the Pies Descalzos model how we can change the lives, not only of the children who come to school, but also their families. Entire communities can be transformed when you have a school that functions properly.”

The school will serve over 1,700 students on a daily basis, offering daycare options for children of preschool age, through a complete high school education.

Enjoy the refreshing and heartwarming scenes from the ribbon cutting ceremony in the video below.

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