Shania Twain Speaks Out About Domestic Violence (WATCH)

Helga Esteb /

Country music star and Canada native, Shania Twain, recently offered a public service announcement on domestic abuse, sponsored by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Coming about six months late to the “speak out against domestic violence” round table, Shania partnered with the RCMP to offer a reminder that abuse is abuse, and is always something victims should voice, opposed to endure. Physical, sexual, emotional: it’s all abuse.

Not only does the PSA suggest that victims should tell a friend if they find themselves in a scenario of enduring abuse, it suggests victims should tell police. It didn’t get so specific as to whether it should be a mounted police officer, or if any old police officer or department would do.

Yes, if you’re in a relationship where you’re being abused, or if you’re mutually abusive or the abuser… get help. Help is available through a variety channels, including law enforcement if there is a measured amount of fear associated with confronting the abusive party. Counseling is another excellent option, especially if you’re locked into a relationship that has become mutually combative and both parties are aware that things need to change.

There you have it. Your PSA from Fame10.

Sidenote: Shania is rapidly approaching 50, and is looking quite fantastic.

To see the PSA, check out the video below!


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