Shaun White Crashes Prom Of Adoring Fan!

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The trend of fans asking celebrities to prom in elaborate viral videos is getting exhausting — but we’re on board with a recent one involving Shaun White.

When Carly Monzo, a high school senior in Pennsylvania, learned that the Olympic snowboarder had never attended prom, she put together a creative video inviting him to hers. He didn’t officially accept – but instead worked behind the scenes with administrators to show up as a surprise. Check out the video to see the adorable pics!

Shaun brought his whole band, Bad Things, who performed at the dance. It was a treat for all, since most of the band members hadn’t attended their proms, either. The official band Twitter posted a message of thanks to Carly: “Most of us have never been to prom. Thanks @carlymonzo #Shaunsaidyes #promcrashers”

Carly already had another date, but he didn’t seem to mind that Shaun stole his spotlight for a while. He’s an Olympic gold medalist, after all.

Critics have points out that the problem with celebrity viral video prom proposals is that they put a lot of pressure on celebrities to say yes even if they don’t want to go, because they don’t want to be seen as snobby or mean.

But even more problematic is that they make dateless high schoolers feel inadequate. If a classmate can ask Kate Upton or Miley Cyrus, a regular teen can’t live up to those standards — and the more celebrities who go to prom, the more students who don’t have dates.

Luckily, Shaun’s surprise prom-crashing  allowed Carly to have a special experience but bring a regular teen as a date, too.

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