Shawn Hunter Returns On “Girl Meets World”

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Fans of the 90’s sitcom Boy Meets World rejoiced when they found out their favorite after-school show was getting a reboot in the form of Girl Meets World.

They were even more excited to find out that the show was bringing back everyone’s favorite 90’s couple, Corey (Ben Savage) and Topagana (Danielle Fishel), as the series is based around their now teen daughter, Riley Matthews.

Everyone has now been wondering when more Boy Meets World alum are going to grace the show and as it turns out it will be this upcoming holiday special when Corey and his BFF/ Boy Meets World’s resident bad-boy Shawn Hunter (Rider Strong) are reunited.

Although Shawn appeared in a previous episode, it was only via archive footage, but the holiday episode titled, “Girl Meets Home for the Holidays,” will feature Rider Strong in all his Shawn Hunter glory including probably being in some sort of trouble as is expected.

“I think he’s got to be in trouble of some kind and he’s got to pull Cory into trouble. That’s definitely the way it’s going to be because that’s always how it went,” Strong told E! News in June 2013 when it was announced Girl Meets World was officially happening.

Just as Riley mirrors her dad Cory, that means Shawn will form a bond with Riley’s best friend Maya who is very similar to the way Hunter was when he and Shawn were that age.

An episode description from Disney reads, “It’s Christmas at the Matthews, and Cory’s best friend Shawn Hunter, Riley’s grandparents, and Uncle Joshua are coming over for a holiday dinner. Meanwhile, Topagana works on executing the perfect meal to put her mother-in-law at ease while Shawn sees his likness in Maya and forms a bond with her and Riley.”

Also making a guest appearance on the holiday episode will be Betsy Randle and William Russ who played Cory’s forever supportive parents, Amy and Alan Matthews.

The episode airs Friday December 5 on Disney.

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