Shia LaBeouf Wears Paper Bag on Red Carpet!

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It’s so fun when actors do really strange stuff.

We’re all aware that Shia LaBeouf has shunned his Transformers fame, and really only cares to be someone who is considered a great artist. Sadly, in order to prove his point, he’s just a goofball. Which, honestly, is quite endearing, but also a little annoying. In suggesting that people not take him so seriously, he’s also saying: “I’m worthy of being taken seriously. The things I say carry significant weight and should be considered.” (Obviously, these are my words, not Shia’s…but that’s what I’m gathering from his behavior.)

After the recent allegations that Shia plagiarized a work of fiction to create his first short film, he has really been run through the artistic gamut. Sadly, it seems that saying sorry wasn’t enough for him. In some way, he needs to justify why he did it.

Seriously, Shia… we don’t care. You loved the idea for a story on screen, and you took someone else’s source material to create it. Not your finest hour, but probably not as bad as the hard diss you handed out to Steven Spielberg and George Lucas following the travesty we all call Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull.

Regardless, Shia brought out the oddball behavior at the Berlin International Film Festival, both in the interview portion of the event, and at the premier of his latest film, Lars Von Trier’s, Nymphomaniac. While walking the red carpet in black tuxedo and bow tie, Shia opted for a very interesting headpiece. A brown paper bag with the words, “I Am Not Famous Anymore.”

Oh, Shia. I assure you. You are.

To check out the sweet paper bag, watch the video below!


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