Snoop Dogg Responds To Iggy And The Feud Is On

Photo by Broadimage/REX

Photo by Broadimage/REX

Iggy Azalea was offended and angry after Snoop Dogg posted a rude picture on his Instagram, mocking her recent makeup-free pictures.

The Australian rapper responded with a Twitter blast at Snoop Dogg, calling him out for being a fan when they are at shows together.

It seemed the fire of the feud had already fizzled out when Snoop took down the picture and Iggy deleted her tweets, but apparently the fire was just starting.

When Snoop didn’t respond to Iggy’s comments, Daz Dillinger a rapper for the Dogg Pound took it upon himself to answer for Snoop stating, “Snoop doesn’t give a f–k about Iggy because she’s nowhere near his level.” He then added, “B–ch needs to stay in her place before we get Nicki Minaj, the real rapper, on her a–!”

While Snoop himself posted another picture comparing Iggy Azalea to a character Marlon Wayans played in the film White Chicks.

Iggy couldn’t let that go and finally responded with a ‘meme’ picture of her own showing Snoop with the caption “When your drug addict aunt gets clean.”

That seemed to be the turning point in this bizarre rapper social media fight because Snoop shot back and it is clear he is not kidding around.

He posted a video late Tuesday (Oct 15) night in which he warns Iggy that she is “f–king with the wrong n–ga” while also using profanities to describe her.

He even dragged Iggy’s star LA Lakers boyfriend, Nick Young, into the fight by stating, “Your n–ga betta check you before I do.”

But that was nowhere near the end, because Nick Young couldn’t help himself from getting involved by tweeting out, “Ain’t nobody worried about no SnoopLion…This dude just goin thru a midlife Crisis.”

Snoop probably never thought the fight would have escalated like this when he first posted the funny picture, but with shots being fired from all sides, it seems this feud is only just beginning.

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