Soap Opera Spoilers For Monday, October 3, 2022

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There won’t be any dull moments this week on The Young and the RestlessDays of Our Lives, General Hospital and The Bold and the Beautiful! Find out what will happen with our spoilers for October 3rd, 2022:

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Y&R Spoilers for October 3, 2022

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Jack will come to his family’s defense when danger arises unexpectedly. Unexpected, indeed! The last time we saw the Abbotts, they were blissfully taking in Kyle and Summer’s vow renewal ceremony. Will someone crash the party?

Billy, meanwhile, will be consoling Chelsea, probably over Johnny’s disinterest in having a second mother in his life. Abbott was firm and fair with Lawson about backing away, so why the softened stance?

Busted! It looks like Nikki will get caught in the middle of her scheme to ruin Diane. Interestingly, it sounds like Nikki will take the brunt of the scrutiny, even though Phyllis is just as involved in the plot. Will Nikki cover for Red somehow?

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DOOL Spoilers for October 3, 2022

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Denial is a powerful thing, but not even Jennifer will be able to hide from the horrible truth when she has a somber moment of clarity.

Sarah already had a laundry list of reasons she doesn’t like Gwen, and now she has another one. Perhaps she’ll list them all off when she confronts Xander’s ex!

Will and Alex would probably score pretty low on a friendship compatibility test, but Sonny will try to persuade his husband and brother to get along.

Too bad Alex is preoccupied, because when Stephanie needs a heroic save, she’ll have to settle for Chad. Something tells us Ms. Johnson won’t mind scoring more time with the widower one bit!

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GH Spoilers for October 3, 2022

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Suspicions tend to circle Dex wherever he goes. So, when Dante wants a serious chat with the henchman, could those suspicions turn into formal charges?

Sonny will be approached with a special request from his daughter, Kristina. Normally, Corinthos will do anything for his children, but is this something the mob boss can honor?

Alexis will be grappling with a difficult situation and approach Finn for some reassurances. She and her ex have remained on friendly terms, so he’ll be there for her. But can the good doctor give her the comfort she’s looking for?

Spencer will get some unexpected help in Pentonville, making his stay at the facility a little easier. Could Uncle Victor be trying to “grease the wheels” with his nephew?

Elsewhere, Trina and Joss will spend some time together, catching up as friends do.

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B&B Spoilers for October 3, 2022

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Aspen is an emotional hot-spot for Steffy, so naturally she’ll take Taylor there when her mother needs a serious recharge. Will the romantic, scenic location from Steffy’s past be the ideal setting for her mother to have an epiphany about what she wants out of life?

Ridge will have a very direct question for Brooke, and it’s the question we’re all asking: did she call Child Protective Services on Thomas? Her answer will not only create heartbreak and sadness in Ridge, but may even help him determine, once and for all, where his destiny lies!

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