Soap Opera Spoilers For Tuesday, March 22, 2022

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There won’t be any dull moments this week on The Young and the Restless, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital and The Bold and the Beautiful! Find out what will happen with our spoilers for March 22nd, 2022:

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Y&R Spoilers for March 22, 2022

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Having created Newman Enterprises from the ground up, as he often reminds everyone, Victor will rally his family to protect their legacy. Will they collectively banish Ashland from their lives, as long as every Newman steps up? (Ahem, that means you, too, Vicky…)

With more and more people turning away from him, Ashland will begin to eye the exits. But where will Locke escape to, and he will do something foolish along the way?

Lily will let Nate in on a little secret today. Will she let the restless Chief of Surgery know that his next job will be with Chancellor Industries, or perhaps a monster-sized merger company with Hamilton-Winters?

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DOOL Spoilers for March 22, 2022

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Susan has a unique hypersensitivity that allows her to receive “premonitions”, but should she really need that skill to notice that Clyde isn’t such a great guy? In any case, she’ll get a very bad vibe from EJ’s cell-mate when she visits her son in prison.

Devil Johnny will still be hard at work trying to seduce Gabi, but is he operating through two host bodies at once? Elsewhere, Belle will be stunned when Shawn drops a bombshell on her.

Several weeks back, when Chad spotted EJ making a move on Abigail at the courthouse, he probably didn’t ask himself if ‘the Devil made him do it’ before revenge-testifying. But now that Chad knows what really happened, will he try to rectify the situation?

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GH Spoilers for March 22, 2022

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Selina Wu will hope to take a meeting with Sonny. If this is about her high-stakes poker ring, will she ask Corinthos to join in, or stay out of it?

As Finn continues to ruminate on his “break” from Liz, Chase will buoy his brother’s spirits.

Deception is preparing to go public, but will their IPO (initial public offering) entice the way everyone hopes it will?

Dante will be forced to deal with a sensitive situation… one so delicate, he’ll have to imagine himself in someone else’s position. Yikes! Just whose shoes is Falconeri putting himself in?

Elsewhere, Portia and Curtis will celebrate a major milestone in their relationship.

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B&B Spoilers for March 22, 2022

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Steffy won’t believe what she’s seeing: her brother engaging in a secretive and intense conversation with Sheila! Steffy will be all the more determined to find out what these two could be conspiring about. And if she discovers the truth, which side will Steffy take: Brooke’s or Sheila’s?

Meanwhile, Brooke will be desperate for direction regarding her marriage and end up thinking about Ridge’s mom, Stephanie. Seeing as how the Forrester matriarch was one of Brooke’s greatest enemies and then eventually a friend, perhaps Stephanie can guide Logan during this difficult time.

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