Stephen Collins Says He’s “A Flawed Person” In First Interview

Dee Cercone/Everett Collection

Dee Cercone/Everett Collection

In a shocking statement to People magazine on Wednesday December 17, embattled actor Stephen Collins, 67, admitted he did in fact sexually abuse three different underage girls from 1973-1994.

In the statement Collins stated that there were no other incidences other than the three he admitted to and he has had no impulsion do to it again since the last incident in 1994.

He also agreed to an interview with Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric and in sneak peeks of the in-depth interview Collins calls himself a flawed person.

When asked by Couric if he ever felt that he was living a double life and he answered, “No. Because first of all I had put that stuff behind me. I’m a flawed person,” he admitted.

While he is most well known for being the moral, and religious leader and father on the show 7th Heaven, he admitted that he turned to faith in this very real situation to help him deal with his flaws.

“In the church, it’s actually one of the things I love about the church, it’s really one of the main things about the Christian faith…is you know, Christ said in so many ways, ‘bring me that…which about you is broken, bring it,’ and most people are broken in some way.”

In the interview Collins speaks about the incident with a young woman who was staying with him and his wife at the time and also admits how he tried very hard to deal with this privately and never wanted the story to get out.

After a recording that was secretly taped by Collins’ now estranged wife Faye Grant was leaked where the actor can be heard admitting to the incidences in a therapy session in 2012, he has lost upcoming film roles and 7th Heaven was pulled from all re-runs.

The full interview with Katie Couric will air on 20/20 on Friday December 19.

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Watch a clip of the interview below!

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