Stephen Collins’ Victim Is Not Suing

Dee Cercone/Everett Collection

Dee Cercone/Everett Collection

Actor Stephen Collins shocked the world when a tape of his confessions to molesting or exposing himself to three separate underage females was leaked to the media.

In an effort to locate all three of the victims, who are now adults, three police departments have been involved, the NYPD, LAPD and L.A. Country Sheriff’s Department.

However, because the cases are now decades old, Collins will not be prosecuted because of the statute of limitations but he will have to face the molestation issue in court.

With his divorce trial from Faye Grant, who was the one who taped the confession, occurring next month, the issue will be brought up by both parties.

Grant wants to protect her assets in case a victim does sue and Collins will bring forth the issue on the grounds Grant tried to use the tape to extort him.

However, it seems Grant does not have to worry about her assets after it has been reported that the main victim will not be suing Collins.

The woman who is now in her 50’s came forward in 2012 but the case had been closed until the tape was released.

Reports indicate she will not sue because she is not interested in Collins’ money and only came forward in order to encourage other victims to do the same, especially if there were other incidents that happened more recently.

No others have surfaced, so as of right now even after his confession Stephen Collins’ will not face a legal suit or prosecution.

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