Suge Knight Hospitalized After Arrest

Photo by: Darryl Nobles/ABACA

Photo by: Darryl Nobles/ABACA

Hip-hop mogul Suge Knight is not in good health after suffering multiple falls while in jail awaiting his extradition hearing that was set for early Monday (Nov 3) morning.

According to reports Knight passed out in his jail cell and suffered a hit to his head during the fall.

He was immediately taken to the medical ward where he apparently passed out again while getting X-rays and was transferred to University Medical Centre. ‘

At the hospital it was discovered that Knight has several blood clots inside his lungs and his Monday hearing was rescheduled for Thursday.

According to TMZ, Knight has been on blood thinners since being shot multiple times at Chris Brown’s pre-VMA’s party and was not allowed to take his medication in jail, possibly causing the clots to form.

Suge Knight and comedian Katt Williams were both arrested last week after being being accused of robbery, when they allegedly took a camera from a paparazzi early in September. Knight is adamant that he did nothing wrong and was only protecting his 4-year old son from being filmed.

If convicted Williams could face up to seven years in prison but Knight, whose criminal record is fairly lengthy, could face 30-years to life.

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