Suge Knight Shot Twice At Chris Brown VMA Party

s_bukley /

It went down like this: A bunch of people attended Chris Brown’s Pre-VMAs party in West Hollywood. Of course there were guns there, considering the guest list. It seemed that karma was about to bite Brown hard, but realized that Suge Knight owed more karmaic restitution.

Suge — who deep down, may be a teddy bear, but has often ignored those instincts to play enforcer — was shot twice during a melee which has been reported as some sort of an altercation.

An altercation at a VMAs pre-party hosted by Chris Brown, you say? Really? There was animosity? And violence? Chris Brown? Shocker. It is also reported that Chris Brown was the target of the shooter and that Suge Knight was merely a casualty.

Brown later tweeted: “It’s disappointing that we as a society can’t have fun or enjoy ourselves without any altercations sometimes.”

Right, Chris. Spoken as eloquently as we’d imagine you’d say it. “Sometimes.” Because it’s also “OK” sometimes, right? So long as you’re starting the crap or beating on a woman — those are the sometimes when it’s acceptable.

Can someone please inform Chris that he’s not very intelligent, and it has always been better for him to be seen and not heard?

Also at this party? Justin Bieber. If this doesn’t serve as a wake-up call to lily-white JB then the kid is truly a lost cause. The ink, the threads, the tantrums, the fact that he hides behind his personal security when he stirs the pot: All things pale in comparison to a stray bullet.

If only there were an island where all of these people could live together…


James Sheldon