Super Fan Won’t Stop Sending Ariana Grande Gifts

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A sure sign of stardom in Hollywood is when you get your very own super fan, who often ends up being downright creepy or worse a flat out stalker.

Fortunately for Ariana Grande her super fan isn’t a stalker, unfortunately he is still super weird, leading to the cops having to pay him a visit.

The 21-year old star has been receiving numerous odd and unwanted gift from a fan in Massachusetts, 29-year old Tim Normandim.

While he has sent some normal gifts such as jewelry in the form of a $200 anklet from Kay Jewelers, he has also sent some strange packages.

The list of things he has sent to Grande include, a 42.5 pound pumpkin, 8 Yankee candles, animal calendars, 3-piece Kmart mirror set and a rock from the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

All of these unwanted gifts led to the police in his home town going to Normandim’s house after Grande’s record label made a complaint to them about his obsession.

Normandim was told to stop sending things or else he would face criminal harassment charges.

However, the man is adamant and said he vows to keep sending them regardless of threats from police and the fact Ariana clearly does not appreciate the gifts.

Other pop starlet Selena Gomez also called the police recently after concerns that someone was in her house, no one was found and Gomez was told to lock her doors and actually activate the alarm system she bought to ensure no one gets in her house.

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