Surprise: Kourtney Kardashian Is Having A Boy

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Reality star Kourtney Kardashian is expecting her third child with husband Scott Disick in the coming weeks and on the most recent episode of Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons, they revealed they are having a boy!

Kourtney has fooled everyone with all reports from October stating the star was going to add another girl to her growing family.

However with the new addition being a boy, he will join big brother Mason, 5, and Penelope, 2, and the proud parents let Mason reveal the big news to the rest of the family.

Mason told the rest of the group while his Aunt Kim filmed and when he ran in with a stick that had a blue star on it, they all knew it was going to be a boy.

As the show has documented a rocky relationship between Kourtney and Scott, Khloe asks a quiet Scott, “You’re not that excited?” to which he responds, “No, I’m fine now. I’m excited.”

As for Kourtney, she is thrilled to be having a second son, stating, “It’s going to be perfect for our family.”

Fans of the series will remember that Scott wasn’t excited when Kourtney first told him she was pregnant again when he responded with, “You just keep suckering me into these kids,” and he has continued to struggle with giving up his party-boy ways in order to be a father.

With less than a month to finish getting ready let’s hope Scott and Kourtney are both ready for baby number three!

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