Survivor’s Jeff Probst Slams CBS For Spoiler-Filled Promos



Longtime fans of Survivor know that it is game where literally anything can happen, and while spoilers are often hard to avoid on the internet, it is even worse when they are part of the promos for the show!

On Wednesday, October 2, Survivor host Jeff Probst took to his Twitter to slam CBS over a promo for the second episode of Island of the Idols which clearly showed which tribe ended up in tribal council before they even got to the challenge.

“To those of you frustrated by the #survivor spoilers in the promos… I have to admit I too find it mind numbing. And it pains me to have join in your complaints against @survivorcbs but I am…” Probst tweeted. He continued,  “Despite being on the air 20 years we still have not earned the right to approve our own promo spots. The purpose of a promo is to entice you to watch without giving away what it is we want you to watch. We have no say in that…”

He concluded with, “I encourage you to continue complaining in the hopes they will finally submit. But spoilers notwithstanding, tonight’s #SURVIVOR episode is GREAT! Super fun! Enjoy!”

If spoilers can be avoided, this season of Survivor has been very intense only two episode left as iconic winners Boston Rob Mariano and Sandra Diaz-Twine are on their island, called Island of the Idols, where they mentor players in secret about keys to the game. In addition to the two Survivor legends, the season is already shaping up to be legendary itself after two huge blindsides in both tribal councils so far.

Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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Telisa Carter

Telisa Carter

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