Taylor Swift Gets Violent In New ‘Blank Space’ Video

Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com

Taylor Swift’s new video for “Blank Space” is out — and it’s pretty freaky.

In the video, Taylor plays a crazy, lonely woman who lures a man into her manipulative web and then goes off the rails when things don’t work out. Perhaps the character Taylor plays should have listened to the advice in “Shake it Off”?

At first, everything seems to be going well — but then she catches him texting and spirals out of control, channeling some major Glenn Close in Basic Instinct.

She confronts him, destroys his phone, takes a knife to a portrait she painted of him, slashes his nice tuxedo shirts, smashes his nice shiny car with a golf club and takes an ax to the tree where they once carved their names She also stabs a cake and stands on top of a horse (!)  for some reason.

There’s also some kind of poison apple involved, though we’re not sure how the Snow Whitey object plays into it.

In the end, he seems to die, sending the message that you shouldn’t screw with Taylor or you should fear for your life.

Even if Taylor is playing a character, aren’t her songs all based on personal experiences? The whole thing seems strange, especially after Taylor has spoken out against how the media has unfairly treated her because she’s gone out with multiple men. This video may only add fuel to that fire.


Amanda Young