Taylor Swift No Longer Believes In Fairytale Romances

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Pop star Taylor Swift, 24, has made a hugely successful career by singing both about love and heartbreak through her five hit albums.

With the outrageous success of her newest and first full-pop album 1989, the singer is in high demand, already selling out tour dates for her 1989 World Tour that begins in Japan in May 2015.

Although her very public high-profile relationships have been the source for her biggest hits, it seems the failed relationships have taken a toll on the young star who says she no longer believes in perfect romances.

“I really used to think that happily ever after was a thing […] Not in those simple terms. I think that no matter what you find in terms of happiness and compatibility, there’s always going to be a struggle attached to it. I used to believe that you find the one and that’s it.”

Having had relationships with the elite of actors, musicians and politicians such as Jake Gyllenhaal, Harry Styles and Conor Kennedy she also admitted she shouldn’t be the one to talk about a successful, happily ever after relationship.

“But then again, I know nothing now. I know legitimately nothing about lasting relationship experiences because I don’t have them,” she stated.

That isn’t really bothering Taylor because she isn’t about the dating game anymore and instead is focusing on herself, her career and her friends.

Meanwhile ex Harry Styles is clearing up any romantic gesture rumors on his part after it was alleged that Swift’s former flame sent her 1,989 roses to celebrate the success of her album.

While on the Ellen DeGeneres Show with his One Direction bandmates, Ellen asked Styles about the roses to which he said, “I know about the rumor. I know nothing about the roses. I think it might have been someone else and I may have falsely taken credit.”

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