Taylor Swift Slapped With Lawsuit For Being A Diva

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It’s all alleged, people. It’s all alleged. But one thing is true: Taylor Swift has been hit with a lawsuit, because she was apparently a little too demanding from a security service. Oh, those celebs and their demands.

Here’s the skinny. Taylor Swift, who is purported to be one of the kindest people in the world when it comes to her fans, was allegedly an oddly entitled client when dealing with APG Security.

For those outside the know, APG is a well-respected, high-end security firm and training center located in Los Angeles, and they offer a variety of services from personal security to driving to armed guards.

Now that the stage is set: According to APG, things were going well with Taylor Swift, until a few days into a stint of service. That’s when Taylor’s reps started requesting/demanding certain things. One of the strangest requests: A list of when drivers were allowed to speak to Swift.

Say what!?

This doesn’t bode well for Taylor. This paints her as a pain. You’re not really sweet if you’re only relatively sweet, are you? Unfortunately, it didn’t end there. Taylor’s people also made requests on Taylor’s behalf to secure certain SUVs for her transport. APG obliged, and leased the specific SUVs requested. It was only after the leasing process that Taylor and her people decided to go in a different direction. Now, APG is stuck with the vehicles they don’t need, and don’t want to pay for, so naturally… lawsuit.

Surely, these parties will settle this nonsense, but it does cast a shadow of a doubt on what Taylor is like with people who don’t praise her every footstep. Or. It could all be crap. It could be one pain in the a** publicist who prescribes everything he/she thinks Taylor needs?

For more on this, check out the video below!

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