Taylor Swift Tops iTunes Canada With White Noise

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While white noise sounds like an interesting title for a track name, it actually wasn’t a track, even though it topped the Canadian iTunes chart on Tuesday afternoon.

Apparently as long as you put Taylor Swift’s name beside anything, people will buy it.

The “track” was listed as “Track 3” of her brand new pop album, 1989. However, all it ended up being was eight seconds of crackling, also known as white noise, with absolutely no music at all.

The accident has been attributed to a glitch with iTunes and was not a mistake by Swift, and the track was still at number one even after it was no longer available for download.


While her first two singles have already been released in anticipation of the album, which officially comes out Monday October, 27, it seems fans couldn’t contain their excitement for another one and didn’t even listen to it before paying $1.29 for only eight seconds of static.

The first single, “Shake It Off” is already a major hit and has topped iTunes in both the United States and Canada, while “Welcome to New York” was only out for a few hours before it was already a hit with fans.

When Swift first announced she was officially leaving country music to create a full-pop albums, many fans of her “country” music were mad.

Although, it seems that with so many people willing to buy white noise just because her name is attributed to it, it is safe to say Swift’s fan base is in no way lessened by her change in genres.

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