The Bachelor 2020 Spoilers: Hannah Brown Interrupts Group Date



Bachelor Nation fans were not surprised when Hannah Brown’s top three guy Peter Weber aka Pilot Pete was chosen as the next lead of The Bachelor, but they probably weren’t expecting just how dramatic his season has already been — and it doesn’t even start airing until January.

As always, spoiler king Reality Steve has been following every day of productions which means he already has details of 1-on-1 dates, group dates and rose ceremonies as well as locations they will be traveling to throughout the season.

In September, Reality Steve revealed that Peter had to cancel part of a group date because he was “sick” but as it turns out, it was actually because he was spending time with his former flame, Hannah Brown.

“We know that group date was going to be the women telling embarrassing sex stories. Hannah was there to be the host of it since, well, in case you didn’t know she had sex in a windmill 4 times with Peter,” Reality Steve shared. He added that producers are trying to weave Hannah “into as many storylines as possible.”

It seems that although Peter knew Hannah would be coming to be the host of the group date, things didn’t go exactly as planned when Peter’s feelings for Hannah got in the way. “Hannah showed up and had a talk with Peter, and Peter got emotional about it. Told the women he needed to sort through his feelings and sent them home for that portion of the date,” Reality Steve reported.

It was added that the whole thing was done for dramatic effect as well, because there was no chance Hannah was going to join the season or that Peter was going to quit to be with her.

In the end, while Hannah’s arrival did disrupt filming for one group date, fans shouldn’t expect it to be much more than an exaggerated storyline. “They’re using Hannah to create a storyline, there’s probably some lingering feelings on Peter’s end, but not enough to completely derail a whole season. Hell, since that cancelled group date, Peter’s continued filming per usual. Had two group dates, a 1-on-1 and a rose ceremony just like any episode. I think this is going to be made into a bigger deal than it really is. I fully expect that. The first 3 episodes of this season will have a “Is Peter over Hannah” storyline lingering over it,” Reality Steve wrote.

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Telisa Carter

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