The Bachelor: Top 5 Moments of Episode 2!

Helga Esteb /

We’re only two episodes into The Bachelor, and it feels like we’ve already seen an entire season’s worth of crazy. Check out the video to see the top 5 best moments – aka the passengers on the Crazy Train – from episode 2!

All the contestants seem rather desperate to win Juan Pablo’s affection — but a lot of them are also getting in their own way, with tears, nudity and drunken antics. There are so many ridiculous moments on the show that Drunk Victoria, who made the rooftop group date very awkward as she ran around in a bikini, inebriated, didn’t even make the list!

One woman doesn’t seem to know what show she’s on, another begged for a kiss in a very awkward moment, and another who had to give a morning-after apology and didn’t even make it to the rose ceremony!

Oh, and did we mention a nude photo shoot with a turquoise-goateed creepy art director, all for the good cause of animal rights? “El Bachelor” stripped down to his birthday suit for it too, which makes the footage that much better.

We only have to wait a week for an entirely new dose of crazy. How are the ladies of The Bachelor going to get more embarrassing?


Amanda Young