The New Divergent: Insurgent Trailer Is Here (Watch)

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Fans of the Shailene Woodley led Divergent series will be happy to know that there is finally an official trailer for the franchise’s second film, Insurgent.

The film series that is based on the dystopian novels by Veronica Roth follows Tris played by Shailene Woodley in a futuristic world that is split into factions based on different virtues.

In the first film, Tris finds out she is Divergent, and doesn’t fit into any faction which makes her very dangerous to the divided society and those who lead it.

The new trailer for Insurgent reveals Tris’s continued fight against the Erudite led by Kate Winslet who is on a mission to destroy Tris and Four played by Theo James.

As well as Woodley, Winslet and James, Ansel Elgort returns as Caleb and Jai Courtney as Eric.

The action-packed trailer promises big things from love to death to full on destruction as Woodley continues her climb on the Hollywood ladder as a highly sought after actress.

Fans are even given a glimpse of Tris fighting herself as she tells Kate Winslet’s character, Jeanine, “I’m not going to fight you,” to which she replies, “Of course not. You’re going to fight you.”

Insurgent is set for theatrical release on March 20, 2015.

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Check Out The Trailer Below!

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