The Real ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Breaks His Silence (Watch)!

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Jordan Belfort is such a fascinating individual. He is the first to claim his own reformation from living a life of lies as the real “Wolf of Wall Street,” but then you hear the guy talk, and hmm… you’re just not quite sure.

With the success of the Martin Scorsese film, The Wolf of Wall Street, Belfort has enjoyed more popularity than he ever did when he was scamming millionaires out of millions. And for the most part, even with this new found popularity, Belfort has remained relatively quiet in speaking about the film, being played by Leonardo DiCaprio or his misadventures which led him to become the subject of film in the first place.

Now Jordan Belfort has broken his silence. The Wolf has offered his take in a sit down interview, and you can catch a few great clips below. This guy. His middle name must be Charisma. Regardless of his losses, and the small percentage of restitution he has been required to offer to some of his victims, he has not lost one ounce of charisma. And it might be shaken with a shot of delusion.

From the perspective of this writer, it’s a little irritating. Not so much an individual possessing such charisma, but an individual whose charisma still allows them to hedge their bets, and live in a surreal, imagined world as he defines it, not willing to look beyond the direct effect he had on very wealthy, conned investors, but the residual effect of how those cons ruined lives.

He still only sees his exploits and illegality as a money game, lacking understanding of all the other things that are attached to that money. He’s that guy who played real life in the same way he’d play the board game, Monopoly. What a fascinating individual.

To hear The Wolf of Wall Street offer some insight, check out the video below. And when you say to yourself, “Gosh, he seems like a really nice guy…” You’ll know exactly why he’s the Wolf of Wall Street.


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