The Royal Couple Meets Jay-Z And Beyonce

Royal couple of the UK, meet royal couple of America!

As part of their trip to New York City, Prince William and Kate Middleton (the Duchess of Cambridge) met Beyonce and Jay-Z at an NBA Nets vs. Cavaliers game.

The Duke and Duchess showed up to the game in the third quarter, where they “got a standing ovation” as they found their courtside seats. According to an eyewitness source, fans were “snapping pics of them instead of watching the game.”

But the bigger news is that Kate and William got to meet the closest thing the United States has to a royal couple: Beyonce and Jay-Z. A source dished that “Jay and Bey walked across the court to see them” while “God Save the Queen” and then “Crazy In Love” played over the arena speaker system. Check out the video to see pics of the meeting!

So — what did Beyonce and Kate talk about?

An eyewitness reveals, “Bey and Kate talked about their kids. They asked each other, ‘How old is yours?’ They basically bonded over motherhood.” (Kate is currently pregnant with her second child.)

They also bonded over the holiday season, wishing each other a merry Christmas.

The Duke and Duchess also met LeBron James and Kevin Garnett after the game, snagging an adorable little jersey for baby Prince George.


Amanda Young