The Tonight Show: Watch Jimmy Fallon Dupe Yankees Fans!

s_bukley /

Jimmy Fallon is a magic man. He takes simple ideas, puts them into motion and allows live comedy to fill the gaps. Jimmy has never been one to try too hard for a laugh — well, with the exception of Fever Pitch, and that wasn’t really his fault — and as host of The Tonight Show, he has quickly reminded us that the show is funny again, as it once was with the iconic Johnny Carson. Yes, the peacock is sleeping a little easier these days.

What’s Jimmy up to? He decided to take the streets of New York — 42nd Street, to be precise — and ask a few Yankees fans how they feel about their recently departed All-Star, Robinson Cano. As you’d suspect, Yankees fans are not the least bit shy and they love to offer the famed Bronx cheer. So, The Tonight Show crew developed an immense poster of former second baseman, Robinson Cano, and allowed the fans to really tell Robinson what they thought of him.

Most boo’d. Some let him know that he made a mistake in leaving New York for Seattle. Some looked to the face of Robinson as a wounded child, unsure whether they should boo, or burst into tears. And then, in typical Tonight Show/Jimmy Fallon fashion, a twist is introduced from behind the bigger-than-life face of Robinson Cano. The twist? Robinson Cano, himself.

The reactions of the fans are priceless and hilarious. You’ve never seen people try to remove disdain and spite from their personage so fast.

Check out the video below, and enjoy laughing at the misfortune of others. You’ll especially enjoy this if you’re a Boston Red Sox fan.


James Sheldon